Our Mission

The provision of superior quality healthcare services that patients recommend to family and friends, Doctors prefer for their patients, and employees are proud of.

Our Vision

To be nationally recognised as a respected and trusted service leader, delivering contemporary high quality and integrated lifestyle, health and social-care solutions.

Service Principles

We focus on sustainable, creative and innovative practices and solutions to maximise your opportunities and outcomes.
Encompass Health Group

Be Respectful
We are professional and genuinely care.

Show Compassion
Our team of professionals are empathetic and genuinely care. We do our very best to understand each individual's personal situation.

Remain Positive
By always remaining positive, we hope to impact others, build open and honest relationships and assist others in achieving outcomes they want.

Be Professional
We embrace a 'can do' attitude and proactively find solutions to ensure we provide the highest quality service.

We are creative in the pursuit of innovation and continuously improve our services.

We listen and always do our best to understand so we can adapt and continuously improve.