About Encompass Health Group

Rachel Johnson, Founder of Encompass Health Group When it comes to services, at Encompass Health Group we spend a lot of time looking at things from the perspective of our clients.

In our often busy lives it can be challenging to stay balanced across our work, social and family commitments these days. It seems technology, like it or not, is at the forefront of our minds when we think about integrating services, but what about when it comes to our lifestyle, health, wellbeing and support needs, in particular for older Australians, are our services integrated? It's a question that never fails to drive our business direction.

There's a realisation, you could even say a revolution going on; one in which people are seeking, possibly craving more human contact. Some technology helps to connect us, but now more than ever, a friendly face or a welcoming smile can go a long way. Personal touches mean something to us at Encompass Health Group. The Encompass Health Group story began in 2003 when I founded my first business, Health and Aged Assist (HAAA). Like many people, I had always wanted to start a business that made a real difference. For me it meant raising a family and growing a new business at the same time. From the modest garage-based office of our Rowville family home, this was no easy accomplishment.

At the time, my vision was to develop an aged care placement service with an agenda that offered practical support to people navigating the aged care maze.

To this day, my focus is still to get the best outcome for people moving into aged care.

Nowadays, HAAA is an expanded service where people are supported when faced with the decision and sometimes difficult task of supporting a loved one to source good and appropriate aged care options. Having gone through this with my own parents, I felt that I had identified a need in the community for services that offered assistance. People like me were looking for guidance to take guesswork out of all the steps involved.

HAAA came to bear because it seemed logical to me to share the personal knowledge and experience that I had gained from my own circumstances, to help others. The business quickly and increasingly thrived, however I still felt urged to deliver something more inclusive. We offered practical support and solutions and we could hear that people were looking for more individualised high quality and integrated services across lifestyle, health and social support. We recognised that we needed to offer broader and more flexible options if we were really going to make a difference.

By 2008, my family and colleagues fused our personal and professional experiences with a collection of business ideas and strategies. We had a strong complement of skills, knowledge, passion and commitment and our aspirations to deliver more integrated services became a great deal clearer, so we began immediately.

In 2009 we established and grew National Care Triage (NCT) , a service dedicated to providing personal, domestic and community access support to people who wish to continue living independently in the location of their choice.

Soon afterwards, we established Encompass Medical Centres (EMC), to deliver general health and medical services in our community, and purposefully assisting those who require further specialist and preventative health care, such as the aged.

Together with HAAA, EMC and NCT, the Encompass Health Group now offers a suite of in-home, site-based and community services. By being mindful of anticipating and responding to people's needs to optimise health, wellbeing and lifestyle outcomes, is how we keep growing.

I am genuinely proud that Encompass Health Group holds a trusted and unique position in our community; offering valued and professional services that people continue to recommend to their friends and family.

These days, it's my family and teams that deliver all the results and good outcomes, yet we all remain firmly in this journey together. The future for us is all about integrated and seamless lifestyle, health, wellbeing and support services to deliver whatever support, whenever and wherever needed. We are truly committed to this.